Ronan Keating – Baby Can I Hold You tab

Ce---------0|--------0--|------------|B-------1--|-----1-----|------1-3-0-|G----0-----|--0--------|------------|D----------|-----------|----2-------|A--3-------|-----------|--3---------|E----------|-----------|------------| Repeat one time
C Ge---------0|--------0--|------------|--------3---|B-------1--|-----1-----|------1-3-0-|--------0---|G----0-----|--0--------|------------|-----0------|D----------|-----------|----2-------|---0--------|A--3-------|-----------|------------|------------|E----------|-----------|-3----------|-3----------|Sorry, Is all that you can say
F G CYears gone by and still (after ..still...) e---------0|--------0--|------------| B-------1--|-----1-----|------1-3-0-| <------G----0-----|--0--------|------------|D----------|-----------|----2-------|A--3-------|-----------|--3---------|E----------|-----------|------------|
F G Dm Words don't come easilly C G Like sorry, like sorry. Verse 2 C F G C Forgive me, is all that you can say F G C Years gone by and still F G Dm Words don't come easilly C G Like forgive, forgive me Chorus (G) C But you can say baby Dm F C Baby can I hold you tonight Dm F Am Baby if I told you the right words G Oh at the right time C You'd be mine Verse 3 I love you, Is all that you can say Years gone by and still, Words don't come easilly Like I love you, I love you I heard this song lately after a long time and it has nearly affected me. really beautiful. I hope you could love it too. ARR : Sean Lim Organize: ultimate guitar
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