Ronnie Day - Lived Learned Love And Lost tab

Hey this is my first tab and i think it's pretty accurate. I tabbed it from watching a 
of him performing, so some of it might not match up with the recording. But have fun with 

If you have any feedback just message me on myspace.

Lived, Learned, Love, & Lost
Ronnie Day

A call's not enough
I've been losing touch
I'm a lonely guy and I think too much
A2            G                  F
I followed my heart and drove to see you

A2                   G
I walked through the coldest night
I sat by your house under a street light
         A2                G                 F
And when you pulled up, he kissed you at the door

           G       A2               F
Who's this guy and why's he with my girl?
      G                             A2
Was I gone a little longer than you thought I'd be?
Did your lips get cold?

           C                                 F
I want the world to know that Jamie broke my heart
           A2                                 G
I guess it goes to show that good things fall apart
And I let her go and I'm on my own
Let her go, leaving me alone
A2       G                   C
I lived, learned, loved, and lost

C [strum heavy]

A2            G
I went to the bathroom floor
The tile was cold but I was colder
         A2          G                     F
And your hands on my back were filled with anger

A2               G
You had a lot of nerve
To say you love this drunk you met on Sunday
      A2              G                 F
But I never asked you twice if you were sure


A2       G                   F
I lived, learned, loved, and lost
A2       G                   C
I lived, learned, loved, and lost
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