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Cost of Living by Ronnie Dunn      Capo 2

D Em|---0h2---0-----------------0h2---0---------0--------||------------3----------------------3---------3------||-------2--------2----------------------0---------0--||-0--------0---0---0-----0--2---2--2--2----2----0----||--------------------0h2-----------------------------||----------------------------------------0-----------|
G D|---------------------------------------0-------------||-----3------3---2---0---------------------3----3-----||---------0--------------2---0-----2------------------||--0-----------0---0---0---0----0----0---0---0---0----||-----------------------------------------------------||-3-3---3--3------------------------------------------|
D Em G D Everything to know about me is written on this page / The number you can reach me my social and my age Yes I served in the army it where I learned to shoot / 18 months in the desert pouring sand out of my boots Em D/F# G No I ve never been convicted of a crime Em G G / I could start this job at anytime D Em I got a strong back steel toes I rarely call in sick G D A good truck, what I don't know I catch on real quick D Em I work week ends if I have to nights and holidays G D Give you 40 and then some what ever it takes Em D/F# G Three dollars and change at the pump Em G/ D Cost of livin's high and going up D Em G D I put Robert down as a reference he's known me all my life /We attend the same church he introduced me to my wife Gave my last job everything before it headed south, / Put the shoes off of my childrens feet & the food out of their mouths Em D/F# G Yesterday, my folks offered to help Em G/ But their barely gettin by themselves. Repeat Chorus Bridge Transition (D chord) Em D Im sure a hundred others have applied Em G/ Rumor has it your only taken five D Em I got a strong back steel toes. I'm handy with a wrench G D Nothin I can't drive. Nothin I can't fix D Em I work sun up to sun down ain't proud to sweep the floor G D The bank has started calling and the wolves are at the my door Em D/F# G Three dollars and change at the pump Em G/ D The cost of living is high and going up
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