Ronnie Milsap - Home Fires Burning tab

he Keeps the Home Fires Burning
By:  Ronnie Milsap

Key of G
Intro:  G  C  D  G  C  D

G			    C G
Crack of dawn I hit the road, set my shoulders for the heavy load
	C			 G  C G
Coffee leaking through the paper sack
G				C G
The foreman says I'm late again, he can't stand it when I only grin
	    C				    G   C  G
He's got me eight hours, she's got me after that
I can't wait 'til it's quittin' time
She got something cookin' for me tonight.

	      G	  C     D
She keeps the homefires burning
		Am7		    G
While I'm out earning a living in a world
	C		     D
That's known for its pouring rain
	      G   C	 D
She keeps the homefires burning
	     Am7		  D		     G   C G
Ooh and it's her warm loving that keeps me returning again


G			C G
Out of gas, just my luck, four bald tires on my pickup truck
	C		    G   C G
No more credit on my credit card
When I come home and hit that door I remember what these aching arms are
	 C				G C G
She's my one light when the world goes dark
Tomorrow it's the same old grind

But she'll be burning in my mind

Instrumental- G  C  D  C  G  C  D
Chorus-only last two lines
chorus-all of it and fade out
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