Ronnie Wood - I Can Feel The Fire chords


      A              E           Bm            Bm

      i can feel the fire        (burnin')


      F#m   E        D     A

      i can feel you by my side

      F#m       E         D    A

      prettiest skin i've ever tried


      E             E      A           A

      i can see you in the alley       (what ya doin' down there)

             additional verse:

      i can hear you callin' me

      (prettiest thing i'll ever see ?)

             these are the three basic chord patterns
             for the song.most of jammin' follows the
             chorus pattern.
             a minor/major pentatonics....(primarily)

             Bm double stop lick:

             b  a   g#  f#
d c# b b -s- a ......roughly...mess with it
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