Rookie Of The Year - Pop Destroyed The Scene tab

regular tuning.

acoustic guitar onee-0----0----0----|b-0----0----0----|g-9-x8-8-x4-4-x4-|d----------------|a----------------|e----------------|
electric guitar let the e and b ring e---0------0---0--0--|b---0------0---0--0--|g---9------9---4--4--|d---7-7---7----2--2--|a--9-----9-----x-0---|e-0-----------4------|
pre choruse---0----0----0---0--|b--0-0--0-0--0-0-0-0-|g-----------2---2----|d-4---4--------------|a--------------------|e--------------------|x2
"we want what the world cant offer..." wow ill finish it later maine chord progression for chorus is a, e, c#min, b. a, e, b....
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