Room Eleven - Could That Be You tab

Room Eleven - Could that be you?

Capo on 1


Am   x02210
C    x32010
Dm   xx0231
G    210022
E    022100
Bm   x13331
F    xx3211

Am  C       Dm   G
Water in the sink
Coffee cup
Spoon, forks and wishes
Am               C    E
Glasses with lipstick

Soul music in the background
I can't hear cause the tap is running
Oh I miss another voice, another sound
I want to have fun


I need someone
Oh, yes I do
I need someone to help me drying
Bm           E
Oh, could that be you?

Soap and bubbles
Mu dishwasher out of order
I'm splashing all the water around
It could be so much fun, but I'm all alone


F                          C
I could say that I don't care
Bb                          C
But that just ain't true
F         C
Oh, it's not fair
That I'm talking to myself
             Am      C      Dm        G
when I could be laughing with you

Chorus (1x)

It's not that I hate drying
But I can't deny
I need someone to talk to
Oh, could that be you?
Could that be you?
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