Rooney – When Did Your Heart Go Missing tab ver. 3

When did your heart go missing

INTRO/Riff played 5 timesE--------------------------------------------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------------------------------------------|G-------------------------7------------------------------------------------|D--9--9--12--9---7--9--7-----9--7------------------------------------------|A--------------------------------------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
1st Verse/2nd Verse C Am D Love dont come so easily, C Am D this doesnt have have to end in tragedy, C Am D I have you and you have me C Am D were one in million why cant you see 1st guitar Chorus G Im waiting, waiting for nothing, D your leaving, leaving me hanging, C when did your heart go missing? Am D when did your heart go missing? G I treat you a like a Princes D But your life is just a one big mess C when did your heart go missing? Am D when did your heart go missing? 2nd Guitar Riff
2nd verse C Am D I ment every word i said C Am D I never was lying when we talked in bed C Am D Im retracing every step in my head C Am D What did I miss back then, that was so, so misled Interlude Em Am I dont understand, Em A How could you forget C A What, we had, it's so wrong Order Intro Verse Chorus 2nd Verse Chorus Interlude Chorus I hope it helps please comment and rate thank you :D
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