Rootlifter - Angel Of Serenity tab

artist: rootlifter
title: angel of serenity
album: not yet established
tabbed by: sean carver

OUTRO:e:--------------0------------- -0-b:--------------0------------- -0-d:11-11-11-\6-6-0------------- -1-g:x--x--x--\x-x---3-2-0-3-2-0- x4 then -2-a:9--9--9--\4-4--------------- -2-e:---------------------------- -0-
LYRICS: together we realize, even fait has it's tears, as our love slowly decays, you're forced to disappear... left to erupt beneath the tortures, soaking up ever-rain, depending on effector pills, to keep this little boy sane... where did i go wrong, God grant me the serenity, to heal and move along... as heavens hurricanes breathe, an angel decends, lie cradled in the arms of fevour, her warmth endures me to mend... and in a dream, flowers bloom, the sun has fallen, in a mothers whomb, elizebeth dressed in white, dances on the ocean, under the moonlight, with freedom in her eyes, she shakes her head, and violently she dies... im devoured... by sean carver
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