Rootlifter – Blissful Family tab

title: blissful family
artist: rootlifter
album: not yet established....
music and lyrics by: sean carver


Am A D Dsus De:------0-----------3-----------2-----3-----------0-----------b:1-----------0-------1---3-------3-----3-----------3---3-----d:--2-------2---2-------2---2-------2-----2---2-------2-----2-g:--------2-------------------0-------------0---0---------0---a:----0-----------0-------------------------------------------e:------------------------------------------------------------
Am A Am D Dsus De:----------------0--0--0---------9\7\5-7-5-4-2--3--2-b:----------------1--0--1-7/9h10--------------3--3--3-d:12\11\9-7-5h7-0-2--2--2---------------------2--2--2-g:----------------2--2--2---------------------0--0--0-a:----------------0--0--0-----------------------------e:----------------------------------------------------
Bm F# C Ge:0-0---0-0---0-0---3-3b:3-3---0-0---1-1---3-3d:0-0---3-3---0-0---0-0g:4-4---0-0---2-2---0-0a:2-2---4-4---3-3---2-2e:------2-2---------3-3
A Em F F#me:0-0---0-0---0-0---0-0-b:2-2---0-0---0-0---0-0-d:2-2---0-0---2-2---4-4-g:2-2---2-2---0-0---0-0-a:0-0---2-2---3-3---5-5-e:------0-0---1-1---3-3-
LYRICS VERSE 1: it's six o'clock, it's time for dinner, she doesn't set the table, she wants the house much cleaner, it's nine o'clock, and a boy lies in his bed, his mother reads a story book, until the heaviness rests his head... CHORUS #1: and love makes it's way, even thru the hard working days, there is no stronger love, thats shaired between a mother and her son... VERSE #2: he gets home at eleven o'clock, they meet each other in bed, their coldness spreads the blankets, and not a single word is said, he is awakened by the shouts, he stares out the window at the bay, he grows obscure and confused, as he watches his mommy drive away... CHORUS #2: and love makes it's way, even thru the intoxicated days, but it just can't be shown, when a child lives his life alone... VERSE #3: it's five o'clock, it's time for dinner, he sets the table, and he cleans up afterwards, it's eight o'clock, and the boy lies in bed, the only story that is read, is the one by the demons in his head... INTERLUDE: you murdered that child... CHORUS #3: and love makes it's way, even thru the forgotten days, they're all strangers now, they choose to keep it that way... By Sean Carver
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