Rootlifter - Sheeps Of Fatima tab

artist: rootlifter
title: sheeps of fatima
music and lyrics by: sean carver
tuning: standard

E:----2-------2----------0-------0------B:---3-3-----3-3--------1-1-----1-1-----G:--0---0---0---0------0---0---0---0---- REPEATD:-0-----0-0-----0----2-----2-2-----2---A:2-------2-------2--0-------0-------0--E:--------------------------------------
LYRICS: light beams, light beams, over the sheep, a radiant woman, on the 13th, on the 13th, bring your family, they won't see me... privacy, prophecy, russian revolution, world war two, the third one, the third one, no one knows, but its to come... but if you believe, you will see... i am not an alien, i am not an alien, hysteria isn't human, hysteria isn't human... punch a hole in the clouds, punch a hole in the clouds, see the sun, see the sun... burn the sceptics, who needs photographs? you were there, you were there, you were there, you were there... by sean carver
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