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Rory Gallagher – In Your Town tab

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From: (Dirk Hoffmann)
Subject: TAB: Rory Gallagher - In your town

Hi Rory Fans,
since I use to take a look at the netnews, there's never been a Rory
Gallagher TAB. So I tried to work out one myself. It's my first
TAB-posting, so feel free to make suggestions.
This TAB contains the intro and the main riffs. I think, it's senseless to
tab the whole song exactly, because Rory usually does a lot of tricking and
spontanous improvisation, especially during this song. Listen to the
recordings, e.g. on Deuce and Live in Europe.
So that's the way you should play this song. Take this material as basic
and variate it. If requested, I could try to work out the solo, too.
So have fun...


Rory uses a Fender Tele tuned to Open-E: E H E G# H E (low to high) and
a capo on the third fret. I noted the the frets up from the capo to mark
the open played strings.
Be careful with the picking. Rory holds the plectrum between his thumb
and the 1st finger and addidionally picks the upper strings with his 2nd
and 3rd finger.
The slide he mostly puts on the 3rd finger.

The Intro:

The main riff goes something like this:
!------------------------!-------------------------!!----3--------3--3-------!-----3--------3--3-------!!----3--------3--3-------!-----3--------3--3-------!!----------x-----------0-!-----------x-----------0-!!------------------------!-------------------------!!-0-----0-----0-----0----!--0-----0-----0-----0----! [...]
!----------------------------!----------------------------!!=5~--------5~==5~--------5~=!=5~--------5~==5~--------5\-!!=3~--------3~==3~--------3~=!=3~--------3~==3~--------3\-!!-----x-------------x--------!-----x-------------x--------!!----------------------------!----------------------------!!-0------0------0------0-----!-0------0------0------0-----! [...]
look out baby, your man is back in town [...] For the instrumental bridge after "so look out..." try this pattern:
look out baby, your man is back in town look out baby, I won't stand no messin'`round the first man I wanna see is the Chief Police bring that man right over here I wanna speak (?) my peace I wanna cause no trouble, no fuzz, no fight but you look out man, you know this is saturday night the second man I wanna see is the old fire chief bring that man right over here stand him right in front of me I wanna cause no trouble, no fuzz, no fight see this match, I might set this place alight so look out... the third man I wanna see is the old D.A. he was the man who sent me away twenty two years, twenty three days, twenty four minutes I was locked away you come along baby, ask me where I've been up-the-river-holiday (??), up in Sing Sing one cold floor, four bare walls that's all they gave me, nothing else at all Sing Sing, Sing Sing, Sing Sing when I came out I could not feel a thing... now I'm back in your town in your town, in your town, in your town... ********************************************************** * transcribed 9/94 by * * * **********************************************************
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