Rory Gallagher - Philby chords version 1

Here is the Intro, Main Riff and bridge to the song Philby from the Top Priority album.  
Ill post the solo when I have it, (I nearly have it)


Play this riff for the whole song except the bridge which goes like this
G G# Eb A#E-------------------------------|B-------------------8~----------|G----4~------5~-----8~-----7~---|D----5~------6~-----8~-----8~---|A----5~------6~-----6~-----8~---|E----3~------4~------------6~---|
G4 o clock and nothins movin
G#6 o clock and the daylights stiring
Eb A#Mornin comes, must be movin on
GAll night long, my minds been burnin
G# Eb A#Makes me feel such a long long way from home, home
Once again all opinions welcome at and my UG profile Garizard1.
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