Rosa - Starch And Carbohydrates chords

F C G G| F C G C| F C G G| F G C C

F C G walked a mile to the truckstop,
F C G C this is anything but bad luck.
F C G F G Cit may be hot out here but i can't see a cloud for miles.
F C G cus im just made of starch and carbohydrates
F C G C and i swear these bones won't break.
F C G starch and carbohydrates,sweat and cigarettes.
F C G C im comin home tomorrow, i'll try and look my best.
and i guess you should come with me. our city's street is path to the sea. i believe in love but i think marriage is a sham and i could stand with you forever on this cold and sexy sand. i could lay out under stars that we can see. there's nothin but road for this southern boy to see. you're there, right there, that's what matters. stand here, right here for a thousand hours.
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