Rosanne Cash - Somewhere In The Stars chords

Somewhere in the Stars

Intro: F#  B  F#  B

F# G#mHalfway 'round the planet and the telephone won't do
Bbm B I'm starin' up at midnight but lookin' just for you
F# G#m If you're aching in the starlight and looking for me too
Bbm B Then, gazing at the same sight might I not see you?
F# G#mWe'll rendezvous on Venus and dance on Saturn's rings
Bbm B We'll drink a little moonlight and ride the old man's wings
F# Bb B I do believe you love me, I wish with all my might
G#m Bbm B C#7 F# Somewhere in the stars I'll be meeting you tonight
With feet on terra firma and heart in Milky Way We'll ask the old timekeeper to look the other way Chorus by: Josť Duarte
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