Rosanne Cash - On The Surface chords

On the Surface

A DOn the surface everything seems right
A DNo one notices the dimness of the light
A DFor the world outside our door our smiles are oh so bright
A D A On the surface everything's all right
We have the grace of actors on the stage We orchestrate the moves that complement the play But the things that we believe in we just throw them away On the surface everything's okay We say goodnight and then we close our eyes To drift in different worlds far from each other's sight Dreaming of yesterday when we held each other tight And on the surface everything's all right
C#m F#m E EsusWhat are you thinking tonight, I don't know you (I don't know you)
C#m F#m A DMy words disappear in the night and there's no one there to notice
Maybe our lives will never be the same But we can face tomorrow if we can just get through today I'm holding back the tears while you're pushing me away But on the surface everything's okay yeah on the surface everything's okay by: Josť Duarte
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