Rosanne Cash – My Old Man chords

My Old Man

C# F# The old man is laughing tonight
G# C# He's young beyond his fears
D#m G#But then the smile drops from his eyes and we all wind up in tears
The old man's crying tonight Cause it all happened so fast He's frightened by the future, embarrassed by the past Chorus:
D#m G#So let him be who he wants to be
C# BbmCause he ain't ever gonna be young again
D#m G#And let him see who he needs to see
C# BbmCause he never had too many friends
D#m G#And ask him how he remembers me
C# BbmCause I want to know where I stand
F# G# C#How I love my old man
The old man's restless tonight Just trying to kill his pain He believes what he says he believes but that don't make him a saint The old man's lonesome tonight And he just wants to go home All those fools who stand in his way why can't they leave him alone Chorus by: José Duarte
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