Rosanne Cash - Anybodys Darling chords

Anybody's Darling

Bb C Bb C I treat him like a stallion, I treat him like a lamb
Bb C Bb C I treat him like a pot of gold, he treats me like a clown
Bb C Bb C It's daggers when he looks at me, bullets when he speaks
Bb C Bb C Evil how he calls on me pretending that he's so weak
GmHe'll be anybody's darling
C He'll be anything but mine
He needs me but only to hold his hand Don't like being alone He holds me but not like a lover can He wants me but not like I am Chorus
C FHe's got all new friends, Hollywood has him
C FBetter off for other people in this world
C FThere are fools to follow him, rearranging him
C FChanging everything I hoped that I might save
D# Gm CAlways just another rainy day away
He's clever, such a chosen face Striking at even a glance So gracious but only with what he wants He's lucky but only by chance by: José Duarte
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