Rosanne Cash – The World Unseen chords

*Transcribed in original key.*

A E BmI'm the sparrow on the roof
A E BmI'm the list of everyone I have to lose
A E Bm I'm the rainbow in the dart
A E Bm I am who I was and how much I can hurt
E F#m A ESo I will look for you in stories of hurricans
E F#m A BWestward leading, still proceeding to the world unseen
I'm the mirror in the hall From your empty room I can hear it fall Now that we must live apart I have a lock of hair and one-half of my heart So I will look for you Between the grooves of songs we sing Westward leading, still proceeding To the world unseen There are no gifts that will be found Wrapped in winter, laid beneath the ground You must be somewhere in the stars 'Cause from a distance comes the sound of your guitar
E F#m A EAnd I will look for you in Memphis and the miles between
E F#m A EI will look for you in morphine and in dreams
E F#m A EI will look for you in the rhythm of my bloodstream
E F#m AWestward leading, still proceeding
BTo the world unseen
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