Rosanne Cash – Come All You Fair And Tender Ladies chords

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Come All You Fair And Tender Ladies (Maidens)
Rosanne Cash  from The Songcatcher (traditional Appalachian music, sometimes known as 
Little Sparrow, performed by many artists, in different keys. Emmylou Harris, Peter, Paul 
and Mary, The Carter Family, Lumiere, Gene Clark, Dolly Pardon , Joan Baez etc)

(words from the Joan Baez version)


ACome all ye fair and tender ladies.
E BmBe careful how you court young men.
E Bm AThey're like a star on a summer's morning.
E Bm E A Asus4*They'll first appear and then they're gone.
AThey'll tell you some loving story
E BmThey'll declare to you their love is true
E Bm AThen they will go and court some other
E Bm E A Asus4*And that's the love they have for you
ADo you remember our days of courting
E BmWhen your head lay upon my breast
E Bm AYou could make me believe with falling of your arm
E Bm E A Asus4*That the sun rose in the West
AI wish I was a little sparrow,
E BmAnd I had wings with which to fly
E Bm ARight over to see my false true-lover,
E Bm E A Asus4*And when he's talking I'd be nigh.
ABut I'm not a little sparrow,
E BmI have no wings with which to fly
E Bm ASo I sit here in grief and sorrow,
E Bm E ATo weep and pass my troubles by.
* optional Set8
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