Rosetta - Au Pays Natal tab

Song: Au Pays Natal/Sol
Band: Rosetta
Album: The Galilean Satellites
Tabbed by: Hannes Fors

This is my tab for Au Pays Natal/Sol, by Rosetta. Since there are several 
guitars and sounds playing, I've tried to blend them together, so you can get 
a good, basic sound with only two guitars. This is not the whole song, only 
the bridge and the outro (though that is most of the song). I might finish 
the tab later.

==First Bridge (starts at 6:15)==============================================

The chords are played with a bit of distortion, the tab is played with a 
clean sound. Let all the notes ring out.

A#m A#m G# G#|-----------------|------------------|-----------------|-----------------||-----------------|------------------|-----------------|-----------------||-----------6-----|------------------|-----------5-----|-----------------||--------8--------|------------------|--------6--------|-6---------------||----8------------|------------------|----6------------|-----------------||-6---------------|------------------|-4---------------|-----------------|
Repeat until 7:53, then play an A#m chord until... ==Outro, Part 1 (starts at 8:15)============================================= The chords are played with distortion, and the tab is played clean. Once again, let all notes ring out.
A#m A#m C# C#maj7|-----------------|------------------|-----------------|-----------------||-----------------|------------------|-----------------|-----------------||-----------6-----|------------------|-6---------------|-5---------------||--------8--------|---------------8--|-----------------|-----------------||----8------------|------------------|-----------------|-----------------||-6---------------|------------------|-----------------|-----------------|
Repeat this until... ==Outro, Part 2 (starts at 11:18)============================================ The outro is the same thing as the second bridge, but with this on top. Clean sound once again, but this time it's tremolo picked.
A#m A#m C# C#maj7|-15--------------|-14---------------|-12--------------|----10-----------||-----------------|------------------|-----------------|-----------------||-----------------|------------------|-----------------|-----------------||-----------------|------------------|-----------------|-----------------||-----------------|------------------|-----------------|-----------------||-----------------|------------------|-----------------|-----------------|
Repeat for about 2 minutes, or more if you want too. One thing I like to do is improvise a solo over the outro. It's not in the song, but I think it sounds good. I use the A# pentatonic minor scale for this. ============================================================================= That's it for the tab. It's not perfect, but I did my best (kind of). Also, some of the times may be wrong, since I used a Youtube video that was split into two parts. If I have miscalculated something, tell me.
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