Rosewood Thieves - Junkyard Julie tab


Riff 1: D GE|---7--5------------------|B|--------6h7-5-3h5--------|G|------------------3h4----| x4D|-------------------------|A|-------------------------|E|-------------------------|
D G I’ve got a key with a lock that doesn’t latch Bm E I’ve got a hole in my jeans that needs to be patched D Oh I’ve got such a troubled mind G I know there’s so many things that you could help me find A G F#m Em But I can’t stop thinking of you Repeat Riff 1 x2 all the time D G I’ve got a fever that just won’t break Bm E I’m at a parking meter but I don’t got any change D It seems so much is going wrong these days G I pray to God it’s just a- a passing phase A G F#m Em I’m sure it wouldn’t be like this if you had only stayed D, C G G G G G G G G F G It seems like everything keeps making my mind bring G G G A Me right on back to you C# D If you only knew A, G, F#m, Em D G Well I’ve got a frame on the mantle with no photo inside Bm E I’ve got a horse in the stable that I don’t know how to ride D Well I’ve got so many thoughts inside of my head G Mostly of you laying in my bed A G F#m Em Without you with me girl I feel like I’m already dead
D G I’ve got a fan but it ain’t cold enough Bm E I was dealt a bad hand but I don’t know how to bluff D I had a church picked out and everything G I had a payment down on a diamond ring A G F#m Em But since you left I guess none of this really means anything Riff 1 until end, That's it, there are a few problems in the solo I think, and there are probably a couple changes I missed, but I think this is a bit better than the other version. There are a few hammer-ons and pull-offs going on throughout the verses, but they change every so just make that stuff up yourself. Best of luck!
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