Rosi Golan - Cest Lamour chords version 2

Rosi Golan - C'est L'amour                            Capo 4

C G F GI felt it in my heart, that it was time, a change of scenery
C G F C GTo get a little lost, to feel alive, and reach beyond me
F GI walked into the first café in France I’m so cliché….
C EWhen I saw him I felt the room divide into pieces
Am F GOh the lights danced around us just like stars in the sky
C E AmOne night in Paris with a man I barely knew, I’m lost in a moment
F G CC'est La vie, C'est La chance, C'est L'amour
C G F GIt happened all too fast, the perfect night, for perfect strangers
C G F GThe way he wrapped the curls of his mustache around his fingers
F GAnd like a little girl who’s never been to Disneyland…
Chorus Bridge:
C And when I think I about him, I wish I had it all, to do again because…
F GI Wanna be just like Mary so let them eat their cake
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