Rosie And Me - Bonfires chords version 2

rosie and me - bonfires: Chords by Panda

The original song is played on the Ukulele, but it still sounds nice on the guitar anyway:

Standard Tuning - GCEA on Uke or EADGBE
C: 0/0/0/1
F: 2/0/1/0

Chords: Guitar
C: x/3/2/0/1/0
F: 1/3/3/2/1/1
G7: 3/2/0/0/0/1

Intro picking: Basic C scale

Intro: (C,F,G7)

Cdance dance
Fshuffle your feet with me
C Fyou throw your arms
Caround my hips
G7and i can barely tell
F G7we're not alone
Cget close
Fi love to feel your hair
C Frun through my cheeks
Cand around my neck
G7please don't let us
F G7move offbeat
Fcause if you stop
G7i move
Cyou walk away
my heart won't stay the same
Fso say
G7 C F G7you will sway the night away
*Interlude* (C,F,G7)X2
C FDance,dance with me
G7 Dance,dance with me (x2)
(C,F,G7) to the end
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