Rosie Thomas – Since Youve Been Around chords

D   A   G

DI'm wandering
BI'm crawling
G EmI'm two steps away from falling
A GI just can't seem to get around
DI'm heavy
BI'm weary
G EmI'm not thinking clearly
A GI just can't seem to find solid ground
xxx D A GSince you've been around
DI'm running
BI'm hiding
G EmI'm afraid you'll never find me
A GBecause I've always felt lost in the crowd
DI'm sinking
BI'm drowning
G EmI'm so afraid of losing
A GMy head's been spinning round and round
xxx D A GSince you've been around.
D BI'm foolish and crazy
G EmI just think that maybe
A GI've got a lot of things to figure out
DI'm winning
BI'm losing
G EmI'm afraid of never choosing
A GThis heart of mine was so beaten down
xxx D A G DBefore you came around
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