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Treat me like dirt - Patti Rothberg
>From the album `between the 1 and the 9'

Transcribed by
Comments, suggestions, additions etcetera, everything is welcome!

I think Patti plays a 12 string acouistic guitar in this song, but I'm not
sure. The tab is for a regular six-string, though.
First I describe the 3 pieces which you play during the song. With Fig 1, I
describe the way I think it is played in the intro. The bend is just about 1/4
note up. During the verses, make some variations on this figure. Fig 2 speaks
for itself. In Fig 3, replace the A-chord sometimes by an Asus4 (x02230)
Here are the figures:

Fig 1. E G A G + . + . + . + . ||---------------------------------||-----------------------2---2-----||-----1-----1-----------2---2-----||-----2-----2---------------------||---------------------------------||-0-----------0h2/3b----------3---|
| (bend 1/4)
Fig 2 A Dsus4 D + . + . + . + . ||-----0-----0-0---3---3-2---2-----||-----2-----2-2---3---3-3---3-----||-----2-----2-2---2---2-2---2-----||---------------------------------||-0-------------------------------||---------------------------------|
Fig. 3 B A + . + . + . + . | + . + . + . + . ||---------------------------------|---------------------------------||-----4-----4-4-4-4---4-4---4-4---|-----2-----2-2-2-2---2-2---2-2---||-----4-----4-4-4-4---4-4---4-4---|-----2-----2-2-2-2---2-2---2-2---||-----4-----4-4-4-4---4-4---4-4---|-----2-----2-2-2-2---2-2---2-2---||-2-------------------------------|-0-------------------------------||---------------------------------|---------------------------------|
INTRO play Fig 1 8 times (drums come in the 5th time around) VERSE 1 (w/Fig 1) You stay away from me, because you know I'm good for you and you are masochistic too. The reason I want you so much is cuz I (w/Fig 2) know you're no good for me so to- gether we are perfect dontcha (w/Fig 1) see? VERSE 2 (w/Fig 1) I'm the one you want. When you're so close I try to flaunt it, but you pretend not to notice. Yet I know you're being bogus. When you (w/Fig 2) flirt with other women and I know I could be swimming in your (w/Fig 1) sea. PRE-CHORUS (w/Fig 3) I could be so jealous of someone like me someone's got it all yet they just don't see I shut out acceptance so I won't get hurt and move one to the next one who will CHORUS (w/Fig 1) Treat me like dirt Treat me like dirt Treat me like dirt VERSE 3 (w/Fig1) Standing at the threshold of an- other bad obsession, yeah too bad it's with a person who could never treat me worse then how the (w/Fig 2) way you treated me when I was staring at the backside of your (w/Fig 1) neck. VERSE 4 (w/Fig1) I was hoping soon you'd turn a- round and look me over, up and down my heart was racing, cuz I know I couldn't face you after (w/Fig 2) giving you my heart and soul and giving you the body of my (w/Fig 1) mind. PRECHORUS CHORUS VERSE 5 (w/Fig1) If I had a dollar every minute every hour that I spent obsessing madly how you treated me so badly and how (w/Fig 2) badly that I wanted you the night you left me outside in the (w/Fig 1) cold. VERSE 6 (w/Fig1) But the thing that really gets me is the way you walk right past me. Yes you're talking to some other and pre- tending she's your lover just to (w/Fig 2) get me turning green inside like being seen with me would be a (w/Fig 1) crime PRECHORUS CHORUS VERSE 7 (w/Fig1) 4:30 in the morning, picking up the phone I'm yournin just a- wakened at that minute from a dream that had U in it. I can (w/Fig 2) still hear you're sweet talking but the next day U'd be walking out on (w/Fig 1) me. VERSE 8 (w/Fig1) Some day soon I know it, maybe in december snow, I'm gonna get you all alone and take you to a place I've shown to no one (w/Fig 2) else in this great world - yes the place where you will see me as your (w/Fig 1) girl. PRECHORUS CHORUS CHORUS OUTRO (not transcribed yet) ^Z
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