Rotting Christ - Archon tab

Band:Rotting Christ
Tab by Sean O'Connor (

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I'm working on the solo as we speak, i'll have it sometime 
this weekend probably.  The chorus is as close as i can get 
it for now, it sounds right but it feels wrong if that makes 
any sense at all.
Standard Tuning

PM-Palm Mute
AH-Artificial Harmonic

Intro/Verse Riff G5 A5 A#5 A5 F5 E5 E5 D5 |--------------------------------------| |--------------------------------------| |--------------------------------------| |--------------------------9----9----7-| |-5--7----8----7------3----7-77-7-77-5-| |-3--5-55-6-66-5-5555-1-11-------------|P.M. .. .. .... .. .. ..
The chord names above the staff will be important later so don't forget about 'em. Chorus Riff
|-----------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------||-----------------------------------A.H.--||-777777-8877..665577..443355..-5-7--8----||-555555------------------------3-5-------|This whole riff is Palm Muted except for the harmonic at the end. The .. after the 7 and 5 mean i didn't bother to count how many times to play that note, just play along with the music! Also the number of A5 chords at the beginning vary sometimes.
Riff 3
|---------------------------------||---------------------------------||---------------------------------||----------5--------10------------||-7--------3--------8-------2-4-5-||-5------0--------0---------0-2-3-| P.M. . . . . .
Let the chords ring. Riff 4
|--------| |---------| |--------||--------| |---------| |--------||--------| |---------| |--------||--------| X 4 |---------| X 3 |--------||-7-9-10-| |-9-11-12-| |-11-9-7-||--------| |---------| |--------|
Again, this riff is also entirely palm muted. Not too sure about this one either. Riff 5
|--------| |---------| |-----| |--------| |---------| |-----| |--------| |---------| |-----| |--------| X 8 |---------| X 8 |-----| |-7------| |-10------| |-2-5-| |-5-5555-| |-8--8888-| |-0-3-|P.M. .... .... . .
And here's the song structure... Verse Riff X 12, vocals start the 8th time. Chorus Riff X 4-the 4th time don't play the harmonic. Verse Riff X 4 Chorus Riff X 4-again no harmonic the 4th time. Riff 3 X 4 Riff 4 X 4 Riff 5 X 4 Verse Riff X 8, vocals start 4th time. Chorus Riff X 4-no harmonic at the end, don't P.M. the last A5 chord, just hit it hard and abruptly stop. Ok here's the line for guitar 2 during the intro, this is where them chords from the first riff are important. Guitar 2 plays chords the first 4 times the riff is played, here's what chords to hit. 1/2-G5 A5 3/4-G5 A5 A#5 A5 Thats it.
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