Roxen - Phir Aao tab

well ITZ fweakin easy ppl don worryhehe! it took me 2 minz 2 get it right! lolz here it goz pplz

Em                      C
To phir aoooo,  mujh ko sataooo
Em                     C   
To phir aooooo,   Mujh ko rulaoooo

then theres a gap of like 5 secs! in which you can just strum on the same chords Em and C

and then start again

Em                     C
Hum rahain ,       Na rahain
Em                      C
Ghum sahain  ,      Na sahain
Em                        C
Shamainnn  ,        dhalain na dhalainnnnn
Em                        C
Yeh rataaaaaaaain,     Katain na kataaaaaaaaain
Em                      C
To phir aooooooooo  ,   Mujh ko sataooooooooooooo

Em                           C
To phir aooooooooooo,       Mujh ko rulaooooooooooooo
hooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Em                     D                   C               D
aaa bhi jaoo      aaa bhi jaooo        aa bhi jaoo   a bi jao

n diz is da same 4 da whole song!
NE THNGZ DAT NEED 2 B ADED! to RABTA farmaoo hhehe! lolz WAISAY itz xtremely accurate! so whu cares!
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