Roxette – Listen To Your Heart Acoustic tab ver. 2

First off, this solo is based on the song starting in B-minor. So, it wont fit those who 
the A-minor scale:)
It's a very simplified version, I made it myself.
It might not be good, but it definateley works if you're playing it arround the campfire 
trying to impress your girl/boy.
And, again, a solo(at least this one) is a very boring single-act, if you play it all 
with no other instruments. Try and put this into the real song, it works:) At least for 
And, again, I used an acoustic guitar when I played it, and I dont know if it works on electric.

Try to figure out the rythm when playing this, listen to the song a couple of times 
And, of course, there are several other ways to play it, this is just my own version. Try 
sounds that you think might fit, it probably will!


Best of luck(luck has nothing to do with this), and have a good time playing! R0ck 0n! - Toby
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