Big Fat Silver Aeroplane tab with lyrics by Roy Harper - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Roy Harper – Big Fat Silver Aeroplane tab

Tuning: DADGAd
Capo on 1st fret (sounding key Ab major)
G5: 555755
D5: 000200
A5: 777977
F5: 333533

Dotted notes: These are played very abruptedly 
or deadened entirey.

G5             D5
Big fat silver aeroplane 

Riff.1 D5.Riff >d|--------------------------------|------0---- ----------0-----0-|A|--------------------------------|------0---------------0-----0-|G|--------------------------------|------2-----0h2p0h2---2-----2-|D|----.-------.-------------------|------0---0-------0---0-----0-|A|3---3---2---2---0---0-------.---|----0---0-------------0---0---|D|------------------------5---5---|0---0---0-------------0---0---| shufflin' through the sky.
G5 D5 Riff.1 D5.Riff Full of big fat people it's a wonder you can fly G5 A5 D5.Riff I don't like you and
Riff.2 d|------------------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------------------|D|----.-------.-----------------------------------|A|3---3---2---2---0---0-------.-------.-------.---|D|------------------------5---5---4---4---2---2---| d'y wanna know the rea - son
D5.Riff G5 why? It's because I don't. Ending: G5 F5 G5 F5 G5 F5. because he's breathing, he's brathing......
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