Roy Orbison – Southbound Jericho Park tab

Southbound Jericho Parkway 

A           G         D             A
There was a man whose memories were made up of nothing. 
              G        D           A
He pushed the elevator button, and go home to nothing. 
G                    Dmaj7                   C 
Yes his business had prospered but women get lonely sometimes,
Now she has the house 
G                      Dmaj7                     C
His son in college had dropped out to expand his mind. 
And Sarah, his daughter had not spoken to him. 
A                         D  G  A
Maybe he'd raised her the wrong way. He wondered. 
G                            C                      F
He checked his mailbox, with fingers a-tremblin' no mail, from anyone. 
”I'm home“ he said softly, as he opened the door 
    A                   D  G  A
And gazed at his empty apartment, aching, thinking. 

D#         Bb      F          D#              Bb      F
Southbound Jericho parkway is what you call a one-way street. 
D#         Bb      F          D#              Bb      F
Southbound Jericho parkway is what you call a one-way street. 
   D#				  Bb               Bb7
At 7.20, Monday after New Year, Mr Henry Johnson leaned against the pedal
                             D#                 E F  
Aimed his Lincoln steady and drove himself into a wall. 

How could a thing such as this ever happen. 
All the community said it was shame. 
He was a good man, he was a clean man yeah, 
That's what he was a good and clean man 
        D# 				    C
And his landlady said he was an exemplary tenant. 
        Cm						   G 
They're always nice and quiet when they're all alone at his age. 

The young man sat, on a small woven mat. 
          Bb              F            C7 
While the silken smoke it circled over head. 
The cigarettes were there to prove he didn't care 
         Bb              F                  C7
Bout the contents of the telegram he'd just read. 
Bb      F        C7
Father, father, father. 
    Bb               F            C7
You always seemed to be so out of reach. 
        Bb          F          C7
And the psychedelic sign read: peace. 

Apartment in New York, a girl closes the door, 
And leans against it with her head bowed low. 
Thoughts raced through her mind of when she was a child. 
Raised warmly by a man she didn't know. 
Father, father, father. 
She wished she had phoned him yesterday 
There were so many things she had to say 

Cm         Bbmaj7
Henry, the check is in my hands 
G#                              Cm
Brought by the insurance man to cover all my plans 
We'll have flowers, your broker will be there 
    G#                           Cm
And Sarah, if she cares, and our boy with all his hair 
        G#                G#m          D#     Bb
And the sun rose, and the sunset as it always has, 
    Cm 			      G#
And people yet unknown, were busy being born, 
Bb            Cm
And time when past.

by: José Duarte
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