Roy Orbison - Party Heart tab

Party Heart 
F            C
Party heart, party heart

             F                       Bb
You've got a party heart, a gay time party heart 
            Am                           C
You're only happy when the party's going on 
C7     F              F7                Bb              Gm       
And it makes me sad because I know that party's have to end 
    C                 C7              F  
And when this party's over, you'll be gone 

I love your party heart your playful party heart 
But though you make me laugh you also make me cry 
Cos I know you only think of me as just a party friend 
And when the party's done you'll say goodbye 

  Bb       D#        Bb        C7      F          A       Dm
A playtime girl like you plays lots of thrills in life it seems 
    G				       C               C7
But oh, what I'd ever give to be the playboy of your dreams 

I'd tame your party heart, your fickle party heart 
And someday that's just what some party boy will do 
But I love you so, I guess that I'll cry just as much as you 
When someone breaks your party heart in two 
When someone breaks your party heart in two.... 

by: Josť Duarte
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