Roy Orbison - This Is My Land tab

This Is My Land 

D			   F#m              
The sun on the rim of the view overlooking 
Am         D     Am       D        Bm
All that I love, lights up every leaf and blade,
C              D     Bm
Birds circling high above
     A         G      A              G         Gm    D 
With trembling hand I reach down and say "This is my land" 

This land will pass on to my child, when he's grown 
To love it as much as I, 
For all the sons gone by 
And when he's a man, he'll do what he can for this is my land
Em   Gm    D
This is my land 

G                     D	      C			  Bm
When young men die in glory and for freedom take their stand 
         A         G          D      Em   Gm    D
May they sing this same proud story, this is my land 

Life fade away, and my body is laid 
To rest on the ground may this comfort fill my soul
More on the land, I know 
That those after me say with much dignity "This is my land, 
This is my land" 

by: Josť Duarte
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