Roy Orbison – Drifting Away tab

Drifting Away 

F               C 
Sadness slips into the room
   F               C
On silent steps of sorrow
G                  C
Stealing sleep and all my dreams
Where will we be tomorrow? 

C                                Dm
Lying with you, crying with you, drifting
G					   C
Talking till dawn yet we go on, drifting
Don’t understand where we began just drifting apart
Em				 Dm7           C
Drifting apart feeling alone drifting away

                 Dm         G                      C
We can’t seem to work it out  drifting from day to day
          Dm     G            Am 
Wasn’t it all about, drifting away
          G              C
Drifting away, drifting away

Losing the feeling
And now the music of the song is almost gone
That we used to play
              Dm                    C    F   G
From sweet surrender from drifting away, drifting

C                                   Dm
Two lovers lost two rivers crossed, drifting
G					         C
Two bridges burned, no lesson learned, drifting
 								    C7            F
Lonely together, hurting each other still we can’t say that it’s over
Dm                       Am
Can we bring back yesterday? 
           Dsus4 Dm          G         C Am 
Will we be fore-ver, forever drifting away
F         G         C
Drifting, drifting away 

by: José Duarte
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