Roy Orbison - Cry Softly Lonely One chords version 1

Cry Softly Lonely One:Roy Orbison.
Album - Cry Softly Lonely One - 1967.

GJum, jum, jum, dooby jum, jum...
GCry softly lonely one..(Jum, jum, dooby jum, jum.)
Amit's over, it's said, it's done..(Jum, jum, dooby jum, jum.)
DDon't let your old heart break down..(Jum, jum, dooby jum, jum.)
Ghe's not the only one.
CSo, you're blue and lonely, too..
A7 Ddon't fall apart, when the teardrops start..
D7 G F G BmYou can cry..cry to me, girl..cry..cry, to me girl.
C G Bm CI'll be standing by..I will dry your eyes.
D GBut for now, cry softly, lonely one.
G AmJum, jum, jum, dooby jum, jum...Jum, jum, jum, dooby jum, jum...
D GJum, jum, jum, dooby jum, jum...jum..cry softly, lonely one.
GCry softly lonely one..(Jum, jum,dooby jum, jum.)
AmYour heartaches have just begun..(Jum, jum, dooby jum, jum.)
DAnd though they linger on..(Jum, jum, dooby jum, jum.)
G Ccarry on, be strong..your baby's gone..left you alone.
A7 DBut I'll stand by you, on the long nights, through.
D7 G F G BmYou can cry..cry to me, girl..come on and cry, cry to me girl.
C DFrom this moment on..don't cry all alone.
C D C DYou can run to me..come to me.
G C GYou can cry to me..tonight and forever, lonely one.
GJum, jum, jum, dooby jum, jum..(Fade.)
A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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