Roy Orbison – Blue Bayou chords

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Blue Bayou chords
Roy Orbison *

FI feel so bad Ive got a worried mind,
C7Im so lonesome all the time;
Fsince I left my baby behind on blue bayou
F C7Saving nickels, saving dimes, working till the sun dont shine
FLooking forward to happier times, on blue bayou
F C7Im going back some day, come what may, to blue bayou
FWhere you sleep all day, and the catfish play, on blue bayou
F7 Bb BbmAll those fishing boats, with their sails afloat, if I could only see
F C7 FThat familiar sunrise, through sleepy eyes, how happy Id be
FGo to see my baby again,
C7and to be with some of my friends
FMaybe Id be happy then, on blue bayou
F C7Im going back some day, gonna stay, on blue bayou
FWhere the folks are fine, and the world is mine, on blue bayou
F7 Bb BbmOh, that girl of mine, by my side, the silver moon and the evening tide
F C7 FOh, some sweet day, gonna take away, this hurting inside
C7 Gm C7 FIll never be blue, my dreams come true, on blue bayou
F * Alternate: Capo III F = D C7 = A7 F7 = D7 Bb = G Bbm = Gm Gm = Em Set8
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