Roy Orbison – Goodnight chords ver. 2

Left handed
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Goodnight chords
Roy Orbison (R. Orbison / Bill Dees)

DMy lovely woman child,
G D EmI found you out running wild with someone new.
G Em A A7 DYou've been untrue, and ev'rybody knows we're through.
D GBut I can't say goodbye to you,
D Cno matter what you do.
GMy heart won't let you go,
C D Galthough I know you go with someone new, I think of you.
G C FI think of how you kiss, your tenderness.
D G C G CWith all of this, I miss the way you say, good-night.
FBittersweet your kisses,
F7 C C7when my heart still misses, the way that things used to be.
FBut I know you're strong for, other arms you long for,
F7 C Bband you can never come back to me
A BbNot just for yesterday, tonight or tomorrow.
Dm C F D F DAh, but forever, I'll hear you say goodnight, goodnight.
G A G DGoodnight turned out to be a lie,
G A G Dand I can't help it if I cry.
Em A A7 A D F DGoodnight, my love, sleep tight, my love, goodnight.
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