Roy Orbison - Running Scared chords version 2

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Running Scared chords
Roy Orbison *


AJust running scared
BmEach place we go
C#mSo afraid
E7 AThat he might show
A Yeah, running scared
BmWhat would I do
C#mIf he came back
E7 AAnd wanted you
A Just running scared
BmFeeling low
C#m Running scared
E7You loved him so
A Just running scared
BmAfraid to lose
C#mIf he came back
E7 A A7Which one would you choose
D D6 D Then all at once - He was standing there
D D6 D So sure of himself -his head in the air
D D6 DMy heart was breaking -which one would it be
D D6 D E7 A A . . .You turned around and walked away with me
* Alternate: Capo II A = G Bm = Am C#m = Bm E7 = D7 A7 = G7 D = C D6 = C6 Set8 / Andrew Rogers
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