Roy Orbison - Walk On chords version 2

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Walk On chords
Roy Orbison (Roy Orbison/Bill Dees)


C DmWalk on, if we should meet
G CWalk on, on down the street
DmWalk on, don't even look
G CWalk on, close up the book
C DWe don't want the world to see us like we are
G CWe should never have even gone this far
C6 CQuickly, brush away that tear-drop
C6 C DWalk away, darling, don't stop
F G F G C DDon't look back for me, baby, walk on
D GWalk on, don't turn around
A DWalk on, to higher ground
E E7 ETake the love we've shared together, keep it in your heart forever
G Bm G Bm DDon't forget me, but, baby, walk on
G A G A DIf-you-ever loved me, baby, walk on
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