Roy Orbison – Crying chords ver. 2

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Crying chords
Roy Orbison


DI was all right for a while,
I could smile for a while But I saw you last night,
D+you held my hand so tight,
G Gmas you stopped to say hello
D A7Oh, you wished me well, you couldn't tell,
that I'd been . .
D F#mCrying over you
D F#mCrying over you
G AThen you said so long,
G Aleft me standing all alone
D D+ G GmAlone and crying, crying, crying, crying
DIt's hard to understand,
A7but the touch of your hand,
Dcan start me crying
DI thought that I, was over you,
but it's true, so true I love you even more,
D+than I did before
G GmBut darling, what can I do?
D Cause you don't love me,
A7and I'll always be
D F#mCrying over you
D F#mCrying over you
G AYes, now you're gone
G AAnd from this moment on
D D+ G GmI ll be crying, crying, crying, crying
D BmI'm crying, crying
G A7 DOh-oh-oh-over you
A7 D G D Set8
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