Roy Orbison - She chords

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She chords
Roy Orbison 1967

Capo II

D 2x

D F#m Em AShe was the wind, the earth and sky
D F#m Em AShe was the one who made me laugh and cry
D G A (A D 2x)She was cake and she was wine
D G DShe was fun and she was mine
D GShe'd lie lie lie to me
DAnd I'd believe her
D GShe'd cry and cry and cry for me
DI couldn't leave her
D E7No one could hurt, no one could flirt
D A D (A D)And no one could smile like she could
D GShe was misery and sorrow
D AShe was reason for tomorrow
EmThe smile of the cat was on her face
DA Chaparral she love to run the race
E E7The style of the fox men embrace
A A7To know her was to love her
D G D (A D)And no one could treat me like she could
D G DShe was just a little girl
D G AShe was a woman of the world
D She was all my dreams
G EmShe was many things
A A7 DBut she is, she was, she'll always be
A woman Set8
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