Sad Eyes chords with lyrics by Roy Orbison - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Roy Orbison – Sad Eyes chords

[Verse 1]
Bm DSad eyes,
Bm Em A DSad eyes, sad eyes, across the room
Bm D Bm A DSad eyes, sad eyes, crying in your room
Bm Em A DSad eyes, sad eyes, love has been untrue
GDon't look at me, don't look at me
D F BmDon't look at me, I'm lonely too
G A DI'm like you, so like you, sad eyes
[Verse 2]
DOh sad eyes
G D GSad eyes, I'm crying too
A EmOh sad eyes
A Em AIs there something, something we can do? Just me too
G D Bm G Em A DSad eyes, sad eyes, well I, I've been watching you
Bm Em Bm DSad eyes, well I, I know what your'e going through
Bm Em A D GSad eyes, well I, I see each tear that falls
GThe one you love, the one you love
D BmThe one you love, the soul
G D ADid'nt call, did'nt call, at all
D GSad eyes
[Verse 3]
D DOh, sad eyes
GDon't you know that tears can be replaced?
Em AOh, sad eyes tears won't help
ABut maybe I can replace that other face
D Bm Em DSad eyes, sad eyes, sad eyes, this ain't just a line
Bm Em A DSad eyes, sad eyes, maybe we can find
Bm Em A D GSad eyes, sad eyes, somewhere down the way
G D BmHappiness, happiness yeah Happiness together, you and I
D G A D G D GSomeday, some way, sad eyes
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