Roy Orbison - Say Youre My Girl tab

Say You’re My Girl

C            Dm                   G7
Hello, may I have this dance with you? 

C            Dm          G7           C
How have you been, girl? Hold me, and then girl
            Dm           G7            C
Just let me look at you. Tell me, now, is it true?
            Dm        G7           C
Oh, did you break up? No chance to make up.
          Dm      G7       C              G7
I hate to take up all your time, but tell me.
Oh, no it won't be repeated. You mean to tell me he cheated?
Oh, what a fool he's been Though he is, my best friend
I hate it this way, But I've waited for this day. 
I've always wanted you to be my girl. 
   Dm                 G
Be my girl, you're my girl. 

I still don't believe it he played around on you.
     Bb      F       C     Bb F         G    
When all the time he knew, I  loved you too
          C   G     Am   C     F    Em    Dm
With your big eyes, full lips, high cheek bones,
C   G7
And everything about you, girl. Personality girl
Gimme a chance, come on let's dance, some Dance the night awa--y;

Instrumental verse 1 + 
You're my girl. You're my girl, 

Baby doll, baby, baby, hold me tight. 
Bb F    C        Bb  F       C   G
Be mine tonight, say it's alright. 
C     G    C G    F Em Dm  Am  G7  
And I will never, ever let you go, oh... 
Be my girl, be my girl, you're my girl, you're mine, 
You're my girl.

by: José Duarte
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