Roy Wood – I Wish It Could Be Chistmas Every Day tab

	 I Wish it Could Be Christmas Every Day - Wizzard
Tabbed by:Kenvyn123

Tuning: Standard

 Intro: D  Em  A
 Verse 1:             D
          Oh when the snowman brings the snow,
          Well he just might like to know.
                      D               Bm            Em    A
          Who put's a great big smile on somebody's face. 
          And if you jump into your bed,
                      G             Em
          And quickly cover up your head,
                    D                         A
          Don't You Lock Your Doors, You know sweet santa claus
                    C    D        
          Is on the way

Chorus:          E                                A
          Well I wish it could be christmas every day
                   B                                         E     B
          When the kids start singing and the band begins to play
               E                                A    F#m
          Oh I wish it could be christmas every day
                     A           B            A     E    A
          So let the bells, ring out, for christmas

Verse 2: 
          Oh when your skating in the park, 
          And the stormclouds paint it dark,
          Then your rosy cheeks are gonna guide my merry way.
          Now the frosticals appear,
          And they've frozen up my fear,
          so we'll lie by the fire till the sleet melts them
          All away.


Solo:     Bm E A Bm Dm A D G A

Verse 1:  

Chorus x2:

outro:                 A         B           A       E
         Why don't you give your love for christmas!

         When the snowman brings the snow...(repeat and fade)


                     Merry Christmas every one!
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