Roy Zimmerman – Thanks For The Support tab

This song is performed with the guitar tuned down half a step. The chords given 
the actual chords, not the positionings. The below tab is performed twice as an intro, twice as 
outro, and once between each verse. The chords progression is the same

throughout the song.

E E E S E S E E E EE E S E S E E E|---------------0---|-----0-------------||---------------0---|-----0---------0---||-----1---4---4-4-4-|-2---2---6---6-6-6-||-------0---0-------|---0---------------||---2---------------|-------4-----------||-0-----------------|-----------0-------|
E E E S E S E E E EE E S E S E E E|-----0---------0---|---------0----------||-----0---------0---|-----0---0---0------||-7---7---4---4-4-4-|-6---6---2---2------||---0---0---0-------|-----------0---0----||-------------------|-----------------0--||-------------------|---0---0------------|
Eb You've got that yellow ribbon stuck on your H-2 Ebsus4 Ebsus2 Thanks for the support Eb Memorial Day weekend you threw a bar-b-que Ebsus4 Esus2 Thanks for the support Fm Gm I can feel the love seven thousand miles away G# Gm And I'm a partiot, as I was trying to say Bb When you cut me short Eb Thanks for the support I was gunning for Osama, and you sent me for Saddam Thanks for the support Now I'm sitting down to dinner - it's another can of Spam Thanks for the support You say complete the mission, and I say count on me ‘Cause I don't even know what mission there might be To abort Thanks for the support You sent me here a third time, and my house was repossessed Thanks for the support Now my wife is in a trailer, but she sent a kevlar vest Thanks for the support And I think of her only every time I bleed And someday we will meet again at Walter Reed The resort of last resort Thanks for the support And you hired those mercenaries who make eight times what I do Thanks for that And you dropped in on Thanksgiving with a turkey and a camera crew Now you're giving guns to the ones who shot at me The tank is full, but the strategy might be Down a quart Thanks for the support I ‘preciate the stopgap, and I ‘preciate the Surge Thanks for the support Another twenty thousand voices to harmonize this dirge Thanks for the support And to the Democratic Congress who could have brought me home Who must have come down with a new Gulf War Syndrome Of some sort Thanks for the support And if I die tomorrow, won't you ship me home at night Thanks for the support And if I have a funeral, make sure it's outta sight Thanks for the support In the final seconds you've got a plan to win Cut those taxes and let Jesus put one in From half-court Thanks for the support
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