Royal Bliss - Will You Wait For Me tab

Song: Will You Wait For Me
Artist: Royal Bliss
Album: After The Chaos
Tuning: Standard or half step down

I am having a little trouble with this one
so make any corrections please

 Intro (Electric) I'm not sure about

|---------------------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------------||--7--------------------11------------------6-------------------------||----(about 10 times)--------(7 times)---------(7 times)---slide back-||--5---(slide)----------9------(slide)------4-------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------------| Weird background noise
|------------------------------| slide on these|------------------------------||--11-----6-----9-----7--------||------------------------------||--9------4-----7-----5--------||------------------------------|
|-----------------||-----------------| power chords|--7----11---6----||--7----11---6----| same strumming pattern and same length played|--5----9----4----||-----------------| The power chords may be up on the sixth string not for sure
|-------------------------------||-------------------------------| end on this power chord after 5|--7----9-----------------------| 7|--7----9-----------------------| 7|--5----7-----------------------||-------------------------------|
Thats basicly all you need if you listen to the song. There are some parts where chords are used on a regular setting and one part is changed where the chords are just listen. There are some palm mutes on this one part they're easy though. GREAT SONG!!!
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