Royksopp - Remind Me chords

Intro: Dm Am G F

Dm AmIt's only been a week,
G FThe rush of being home and rapid fading.
Dm AmPrevailing to recall
G FWhat I was missing, all that time in England
Dm AmHas sent me aimlessly,
G FOn foot or by the help of transportation,
Dm AmTo knock on windows where
G FA friend no longer live, I had forgotten.
Dm AmAnd everywhere I go,
G FThere's always something to remind me
Dm AmOf another place and time
G FWhere love that travelled far had found me.
Dm AmWe stayed outside til two,
G FWaiting for the light to come back,
Dm AmBut hid in talk I knew,
G FUntil you asked what I was thinking.
(Interlude, same as intro)
Dm AmBrave men tell the truth,
G FA wise man's tools are analogies and puzzles,
Dm AmA woman holds her tongue,
G FKnowing silence will speak for her.
Dm AmSo now I'll never know,
G FAs you will only sleep beside me,
Dm AmAnd everywhere I go...
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