Rubettes – Baby I Know chords

Baby I Know
The Rubettes
Baby I Know 1977

|Eb| |Eb| |Ab Ab/G| |Fm|

|Fm| |Bb7| |Eb| |Eb|

(Eb) AbYou called me to tell me goodbye
Fm Bb7 EbI told you that I was some other guy
Ab EbYou said that you'd phone
Abwhen he got home
FmYou told me to tell him
Bb7that you'd called
Now you don't have to
Eb G Ab Bbtell me goodbye____
Eb G Ab BbYou don't have to hear____ me cry____
Eb G Ab BbYou don't have to tell me to go______
Db/Eb Eb'Cos baby_____
Db/Eb Ebbaby I know
|Ab Ab/G| |Fm Bb7| |Eb| |Eb| The phone rang again for some time I knew it was you on the line I hurt you before I knew it for sure Forgive me for being unkind Now you don't have to tell me goodbye You don't have to hear me cry You don't have to tell me to go 'Cos baby baby I know
Db Ebbaby I know
|F| |F| |Bb| |Bb| |Gm| |C7| |F| |F|
(F)When you called much
Bb Gmlater that night
C7 FI said he'd out 'til daylight
Bb FBut if there's something
Bbthat I can tell him
GmForgive me for asking but is
C7something not right
F A Bb CAnd than you broke down and cried
F ATold me you loved him
Bb CBut your love had been denied
F A Bb CHe didn't want you no more
F A Bb CI told her don't you be so sure
F A Bb CHe'll never want you to go___
Eb/F F'Cos baby____
Eb/F Fbaby I know
Eb F EbBaby I know
FI know
Eb F Ebbaby I know
FI know
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