Rufio – Still tab

Perhaps I Suppose
2001 Militia Records
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Key: A

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
A -   x02220
E -   x02210
D -   xx0232
F#m - 244222


Part 1:

Bass: x2 A EG|-------6-9-----6-|-------6-9-----6-D|---7-9-----7-9---|---7-9-----7-9---A|-0---------------|-7---------------E|-----------------|-----------------
Part 2: F#m-E-D-- x2 Verse 1: F#m E D Trapped inside of your eyes F#m gleam like stars above E D emptiness inside F#m E D Caught inside of your arms F#m warmer than the sun E D emptiness so full Refrain: D E F#m Although I can see E D time is not running out E F#m I still run behind A(Bass lines) everything D E F#m I don't understand E D I embrace every thought E every word everything Chorus: A D You're watching my heart A being so close to you D E F#m your bleeding thoughts D Open wounds still breathing F#m You're my everything D E you're my everything Interlude: F#m-E-D-- Verse 2: F#m E D Left behind hateful thoughts F#m overwhelmed by your mind E D lost in time again F#m E Shadows bringing me D F#m down jealous of your face E D drowning in your awe (Repeat Refrain and Chorus) Bridge: F#m Tears of unseen D E light F#m D E heart stopping F#m D E Tears of unseen hope F#m D--E- heart stopping (Repeat Chorus) Outro: F#m D The truth brings new F#m meanings your my everything D E A(hold) and time stands still
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