Rufus Wainwright – Gay Messiah tab

   / Rufus Wainwright  /  I think this song is a humorous response to the hype
  / Gay Messiah       /  of Rufus, where medias promoted him as the new Gay
 / Want Two          /  Messiah that would take over the title after his good
/___________________/  friend Elton John. Note how explicit his lyrics are in
                      the bridge! "I never jumped out of the closet, I was born
                     in the living room" - Rufus Wainwright
Time: 6/8
Key: G major
Tuning: Standard
Strumming pattern:
  E   S S S S E   S S S S
  /   / / / / /   / / / /
| 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + |

Intro: Cmaj7 C Cadd9 C Cmaj7 Cadd9 G Gadd11|-0-----0-----|-0-----0-----|-0-----3-----|-3-----3-----||-0-----1-----|-3-----1-----|-0-----3-----|-3-----1-----||-0-----0-----|-0-----0-----|-0-----0-----|-0-----0-----||-2-----2-----|-2-----2-----|-2-----2-----|-0-----0-----||-3-----3-----|-3-----3-----|-3-----3-----|-2-----2-----||-------------|-------------|-------------|-3-----3-----|
Verse: 2x Intro " He will then be reborn From 1970's porn Wearing tube socks with style And such an innocent smile "
Chorus: B7 C7 G B7 C7 G|-2-----3-----|-3-----------|-2-----3-----|-3-----------||-4-----5-----|-3-----------|-4-----5-----|-3-----------||-2-----3-----|-0-----------|-2-----3-----|-0-----------||-4-----5-----|-0-----------|-4-----5-----|-0-----------||-2-----3-----|-2-----------|-2-----3-----|-2-----------||-------------|-3-----------|-------------|-3-----------|
Em Baug Em7 A Am D7 G G7*|-0-----------|-------------|-0-----2-----|-3---(1)-----||-0-----0-----|-0-----2-----|-1-----1-----|-3---(0)-----||-0-----0-----|-0-----2-----|-2-----2-----|-0---(0)-----||-2-----1-----|-0-----2-----|-2-----0-----|-0---(0)-----||-2-----2-----|-2-----0-----|-0-----------|-2---(2)-----||-------------|-------------|-------------|-3---(3)-----|
" Better pray for your sins Better pray for your sins 'Cause the gay messiah's coming " Verse: 2x Intro " He will fall from the star Studio 54 And appear on the sand Of Fire Island's shore " Chorus: similar to previous, but end on the G7* instead of the G, in order to lead the song further to the Bridge
Bridge: Cadd9 C Cmaj7 Cadd9 G Gadd11 A9 A7 A7sus4 A7||--0-----0-----|-0-----3-----|-3-----3-----|-0-----0-----|-0-----0-----|||o-3-----1-----|-0-----3-----|-3-----1-----|-0-----2-----|-3-----2-----|||--0-----0-----|-0-----0-----|-0-----0-----|-0-----0-----|-0-----0-----|||--2-----2-----|-2-----2-----|-0-----0-----|-2-----2-----|-2-----2-----|||o-3-----3-----|-3-----3-----|-2-----2-----|-0-----0-----|-0-----0-----|||--------------|-------------|-3-----3-----|-------------|-------------|
1. 2. C7 G G7 C7 C7 G7|-0-----------|-3-----------|-1------------||-0-----------|-0-----1-----||-1-----------|-3-----------|-0-----------o||-1-----------|-1-----0-----||-3-----------|-0-----------|-0------------||-3-----------|-3-----0-----||-2-----------|-0-----------|-0------------||-2-----------|-2-----0-----||-3-----------|-2-----------|-2-----------o||-3-----------|-3-----2-----||-------------|-3-----------|-3------------||-------------|-------3-----|
" No it will not be me Rufus the Baptist I be No I won't be the one Baptized in cum What will happen instead Someone will demand my head And then I will kneel down And give it to them looking down " Interlude: 2x Intro Chorus: just end on a straight G here - 19th /February /08 Just mail me at with questions, comments and corrections!
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